When a Loved One Passes Away, What Is the Most Efficient Way to Clear Out Their Home?

The number of possessions accumulated over a lifetime can be astronomical. When a loved one dies, the task of sorting through these possessions can be a difficult one, both because of the amount of work that is required and because it can be a sad, bittersweet thing to have to do. Your loved one's home needs to emptied, and if that task has been given to you, what is the most efficient way to clear out those possessions that were collected over a lifetime? Read More 

How To Keep Sheepskin Slippers As Clean As The Day You Bought Them

Sheepskin slippers are a warm and comfortable type of footwear, but they need some care to keep them clean. Here is a quick guide to caring for your sheepskin slippers. Hand wash, don't machine wash Machine washing the slippers can cause the suede to dry out and become stiff and can even lead to cracking. Instead, you will need to wash the slippers by hand. Use cold water, and apply a small amount of wool detergent with a clean sponge. Read More