How To Keep Sheepskin Slippers As Clean As The Day You Bought Them

Sheepskin slippers are a warm and comfortable type of footwear, but they need some care to keep them clean. Here is a quick guide to caring for your sheepskin slippers.

Hand wash, don't machine wash

Machine washing the slippers can cause the suede to dry out and become stiff and can even lead to cracking. Instead, you will need to wash the slippers by hand. Use cold water, and apply a small amount of wool detergent with a clean sponge. Afterwards, rinse again in cold water.

Allow to dry naturally

Do not try to speed things along by drying in any kind of artificial heat or in direct sunlight. The slippers will need to dry out naturally in order to protect the suede.

Clean spots

There are several ways of cleaning spots or small stains from suede without having to clean the entire slipper. One way is to use an eraser to rub at the spot. Use a plain eraser rather than a coloured one, as otherwise the dye may be transferred to the slipper.

If this doesn't work, try cleaning the spot with vinegar. Apply a small amount to a clean cloth or sponge and rub the affected area, taking care not to damage the nap. Any vinegar smell should go away in a few days.

You are more likely to be successful in removing small stains if you take action as soon as the problem develops. The longer you leave it, the harder it will be to remove the stain.

Clean the wool

If you just want to clean the inside of the slippers, try using a shampoo — a specialised sheepskin shampoo is best, but if you can't find one, choose the mildest one you can find. Apply some to a cloth and rub it into the wool, then rinse off using warm or even cold water, and allow the slippers to air dry naturally.

Use a waterproofing agent

The best way to keep your slippers clean is to prevent stains in the first place by spraying them with a rain repellent. These are made especially for suede or leather, and if you spray them shortly after cleaning them, it should help keep stains to a minimum.

If in doubt, feel free to take your slippers to the dry cleaners. But with a small amount of care and cleaning, they should stay in good condition for many years to come.