Two tips to follow if you’re planning to treat a bride-to-be to a gift hamper

If you know someone who is a bride-to-be and you need to get a gift for her, you may have been checking out gift hampers for her. The guide below will help you choose a gift hamper.

Make sure you get a hamper with a few pampering beauty products

Brides-to-be tend to get busier and busier in the run-up to their weddings, and during this time, they will also usually try to do add a few extra steps to their beauty routines to ensure they look extra-gorgeous when their special day arrives.

With this in mind, you should order a gift hamper containing a few pampering beauty products that will help the bride-to-be to not only beautify herself but also to wind down after each hectic week of wedding planning.

For example, you might want to choose a hamper that includes a cooling and hydrating eye mask. That will be very soothing for the recipient to wear after a long day and will help to depuff her eyes and potentially reduce any exhaustion-related dark circles. Additionally, she might enjoy a hamper that has some skin oils that she can use to add a glow to her skin and to give herself a gentle, relaxing massage each evening, or a bottle of moisturising, scented bubble bath that she can use whenever she feels like taking a relaxing bath and wants to make her skin more hydrated.

Ensure it contains something 'new and blue'

Many brides-to-be like to integrate the common tradition of receiving something 'old, new, borrowed and blue' into their wedding, and this is something you might want to take into consideration when ordering this hamper.

Whilst you won't be able to put anything borrowed or old into a brand-new gift hamper, you can order one that contains something new and something blue. Whilst technically, everything in the hamper will be new, you may want to order a custom hamper and arrange for it to have one new item that is wedding-specific; for instance, you could opt for a customised champagne glass with the bride's name, her wedding date and the phrase 'bride-to-be' painted onto it.

When it comes to something 'blue,' you should ensure that the item is not consumable (for example, rather than ordering a hamper with a blue box of chocolates, you should choose one that includes a pretty blue teacup, or which is wrapped up in a beautiful decorative blue bow) so that the bride can hold onto this item and have it as a keepsake of her wedding forever.